Talk, pleaseeeeeeeee?



Communication skill, what is it that most employers require in their job description? This means you know how to interact and link with other people well, right? Does it also include the SILENCE? In this modern world, colleagues, partners communicate with each other not only in person but also by phone, email to save time.

But does it really save TIME?


For example, you send an email to ask your team member about the results of his/her work. Answer: no email in one day, two days or even longer.

The reason?

Oh, I forgot to check mail.

Oh, I have read it but forgotten to answer because something came up, bla bla bla…

Well, then, you call your colleague to ask about work or call your friend to talk about some matters. Answer: tututututuuuuuuuu or “The number you dialed is bla bla bla” or more luckily, you will listen to a nice ringtone.

The reason?

Oh, I did not bring my phone.

Oh, my phone battery was dead.


Actually, there are tons of reasons for us to not be able to connect to the ones we need in this technology world although we can see people use phones texting, chatting, browsing webs, checking emails every time and everywhere, not to mention the availability of wifi and 3G.

In these cases, these means of communication does not save time at all. They are just the ways for some people to hide themselves from others well.

And SILENCE is the way people communicate. Is it the highest level of communication that you should achieve? That you do not talk and assume that others will understand you?

Come on, talk, please!!! 


Image source: Internet

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