Anniversary – a big big world through a small camera lens


Woa, today is my 2 year anniversary with WordPress!

I decided that I should write something to celebrate and remember this day. I started this blog to share my love for photography, writing and traveling, but it turned out that my posts were mostly about photos that I had taken. Then, I would like to write something about this.

I love taking photos. To me, they are not just pictures or moments, they are MEMORIES. Whenever I look at an old photo, I am taken back to the place and time when I took it. Everything was just like it happened yesterday. Each time I look at my family photos taken at my parents’ 20 year anniversary, I remembered our happy memories back then: exercising together in the afternoon, having ice cream after my class, and joking all the time.

Some people said that taking a lot of photos is no good. Instead, you should spend time enjoying those moments with your own eyes. For example, when I was at Big Ben on the New Year Eve with a crowd cheering for a happy year ahead, I took videos about the fireworks. Some people asked me that why I did not enjoy the fireworks with my eyes. There would be a ton of videos about this event on the Internet later. For me, it is just not any video that I could find on YouTube. It is my unique video. When I watched it again, it reminded me of my very first interesting journey to London to meet my friends. We all came from Vietnam and were living in different parts of the UK at that time. It was the first time we gathered in a different country other than Vietnam. And we shared the precious moments of new year together while looking at the sky, at the fireworks. This was just amazing. We all had never thought there would be a day that we were together in the UK. Thus, to me, taking photos is also a way for me to cherish all the memories inside those photos.

Each photo has its own story that when you look back, you can find a little happiness.

There is a big big world of memories through a small camera lens!

Happy weekend, everyone! Thank you for always supporting me!


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